Master of Monster
"We ruin the countries we govern and the people in our care. We slaughter our enemies and sacrifice all our allies. We’ll keep killing till there’s nothing left but to destroy ourselves. It will never be enough."
-- Alucard

On A Mission From God

Seras Victoria: “They are laughing at me, arent they?”

Integra: “Then why don’t you show them proof, Police Girl?”

"God helps those who help themselves. He does not save those who ask for mercy. That’s not a prayer. It’s just begging. You’re battle is your prayer!"

The Millennium Organization

The Queen of England - Hellsing Verse ♛

It is my personal opinion and take on the matter (from visual hints provided by both the manga and animation of Ultimate) that the Queen and Alucard had absolutely no romantic involvements with one another.

Recognition is very clearly displayed, and perhaps even a fondness on both parts. He removed his glasses per instructed by his Master (Sir Integra), and knelt before her. That specific action was not demanded but done out of a sign of respect (though arguably also common sense given the company of Her Majesty — but this is also Alucard we are talking about). It is then that she tells him to come closer. A smile, not quite as cocky (again, arguably still such), was donned when called forth and he then knelt before her. Reaching for the Nosferatu, the Queen placed either hand on his face — usually a welcoming and open, affectionate gesture (not to be confused with desire or romantics).


That’s it: recognition, respect, perhaps a bit of relief, fondness, and history — yes. But in no way whatsoever do I see something more between them. With the Queen’s age and her comments, it is probable that she has/had been around at Arthur’s taking the position of Head of Hellsing. It is not unlikely that this would be another encounter between Alucard and herself and not the first.

She is an old woman, though he compliments her without a breath of hesitance or an ounce of mockery. There is something.

But I must reiterate (and while I understand this is solely my opinion - it is a strong one which I believe in) they did not have some crazy, wild affair or unrequited/complicated love.

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Hellsing Challenge
Ten Characters [1/10] Alucard

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"It's loaded with blessed atomized silver-tip rounds. You should find them more effective than ordinary iron. Sir Penwood, best of luck and good hunting."

Millennium’s Major || Hellsing Ultimate.

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